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intro to behavior
Learned vs Innate
Tinvergens questions
Cricket LAB
Cricket LAB
genetic vs enviro
Intro to plants
Thursday 8/3/2017
Welcome! First Day of school.

Procesdures and syllabus 

HW: Sign syllabus

Friday 8/4/2017
Procedures and Lab Rules

Rules and procedures. Get you know you.

Assignment: Make goals on hand 

Monday 8/7/2017


Tuesday 8/8/2017
Scientific Method

Intro to Cornell Notes 10 minutes

Brainstorm scientific method 5 minutes

Observation vs Inference 10 minutes

Whiteboard activity 5 minutes

Write difference between observation, inference and prediction 5 minutes

Wednesday 8/9/2017


Highlight main ideas notes

Write hypothesis

Prediction vs hypothesis


Thursday 8/10/2017

Highlight main ideas in notes

Egg Lab

Friday 8/11/2017
Lab write up

Write up Egg Lab

Scientific Method Quiz

Monday 8/14/2017
Levels of Organization

List biotic vs abiotic

Write/define levels of organization

draw out levels of a population

Tuesday 8/15/2017

 Notes: ecologist

Partner Share earth as a system

Vocab: richness vs evenness

Wednesday 8/16/2017
Species richness

Collect Data

Conlusion: HW

Thursday 8/17/2017
Biodiversity changed over time

Read article about biodiversity and answer questions

Article: 6th mass extinction

Highlight and write out main ideas

Friday 8/18/2017
Biodiversity at the tropics

Extinction 6 minute video

Reasons for high biodiversity in the tropics article/jigsaw

Monday 8/21/2017
change in biodiveristy

Read change in biodiverity and answer question on WS 

Tuesday 8/22/2017
6th extinction

Turn in Change in Biodivisity WS 

Read article about 6th extinction

Wednesday 8/23/2017
biodiversity hotspot

Answer questions from 6th extinction in notes:

1. What was the study about?

2. Reason for decreasing species richness?

3. Results of the study


Video notes on biodiverity hotspot 

Thursday 8/24/2017
High biodiversity in tropics

jigsaw tropics article. 8 reasons put in notes. 

Friday 8/25/2017
Levels of biodiverity

notes on latitude gradient

genetic variation video

Reading/notes: levels of biodiverity


Monday 8/28/2017
3 types of biodiversity

1. Progress report: all missing work due Friday.

Highlight and read article about 3 types of biodiveristy. Answer questions about the article into notebook.


Monday 8/28/2017
variation in species

Mouse activity---see me for WS 

Tuesday 8/29/2017
Variation in species

1. Variation video: take notes

2. Genetic variation pocket mice activity: Turn in answers WS 

Wednesday 8/30/2017
Ecosystem services

Activity: group ecosystem services into a groups and compare to actual list. 

Thursday 8/31/2017
Ecosystem services

1. Read/notetake ecosystem services article 

2. Ecosystem service video

3. Highlight notes

Friday 9/1/2017
Costs and Benefits to services

1. How much is clean water worth Article

2. Notes on why conserve. 

Monday 9/4/2017
No School
Tuesday 9/5/2017
Threats to biodiversity

Notes: Threats to biodiveristy

Brainstorm, PPT notes, video, share notes

Wednesday 9/6/2017
Conservation and restoration

Read "10 most threatened hotspots" article and add to notes from 9/5

Notes: conservation. Watch videos and add to notes

Thursday 9/7/2017
Hot spot research

Research your hotspot. Fill out WS. 

Friday 9/8/2017
Write hotspot paper

With research, write hotspot paper using intext citation. Follow research WS/rubric. 

Monday 9/11/2017
Research paper

Finish works cited page and intext citations. Print and turn in papers. 

Tuesday 9/12/2017
Biodiversity review

Review Biodiveristy---fill out WS review guide. 

Wednesday 9/13/2017
Biodiversity TEST


Thursday 9/14/2017
Guest Speaker

Audobon Society  guest speaker: birding 

Friday 9/15/2017
Trout Observation and water testing

1. Observe Eggs/Sketch and color eggs.

2. Test Water. Record Data. 

Monday 9/18/2017
Human values toward wildlife

Progress Resports

Wildlife on the Brink WS: Reading, video notes, and discussion. See me WS 

Tuesday 9/19/2017
Bison--near extinction

Story of the bison---reading, video, math problem. 

See me for the reading WS packet. 

Wednesday 9/20/2017

Finish Bison reading

Prairie info. 

Test Trout Water

Thursday 9/21/2017
Conservation movement

Changing the Tides WS: reading, video, and discussion. See me for WS packet. 

Friday 9/22/2017
Major conservation events

Important events to wildlife conservation WS ---see me for WS

America's wildlife activity---add to notes 9/21

Observe eggs (in trout WS packet)

Add to climograph 


Monday 9/25/2017
conservation timeline

In groups put together conservation timeline at lab

Fill out timeline reflection WS. Turn in WS tomorrow. 

Tuesday 9/26/2017

Notes on conservation laws

Non-profit notes

research a conservationist--WS 

Wednesday 9/27/2017
Rachel Carson

Read forward and chpt 1 of Silent Spring

DDT reading

Discussion of Ms. Carson's role in enviro laws

Thursday 9/28/2017
DDT and national parks

Video on pesticides and DDT

Video on natioanl parks: america's best idea

Friday 9/29/2017
Project WET training 1

training for next week's field trip. 

Monday 10/2/2017
Project WET
Tuesday 10/3/2017
River Reborn

video and notes on the restoration of Fossil Creek 

Wednesday 10/4/2017
Project WET
Thursday 10/5/2017

Periods 1-4, return end of lunch 

Friday 10/6/2017

discuss rachel carson and discuss conservation history. Take quiz.  monitor fish. 

Monday 10/16/2017

intro to water cycle, read 1 "Groundwater"

notes: water

Tuesday 10/17/2017
porosity vs permeability

set up aquifer lab

porosity and permeability notes

porosity and permeability lab 

Wednesday 10/18/2017

reading 2 and 3

finish aquifer lab

Thursday 10/19/2017
Water in AZ

Read article: who manages water in AZ---see me for article

Answer questions on WS 

Friday 10/20/2017
groundwater pumping

verde video---5 min. 

verde map---review watershed 

Effects of groundwater pumping USGS video 

Monday 10/23/2017
groundwater pumping

verde river map

USGS video about pumping

Water for Wildlife article Reading and WS---due tomorrow

Tuesday 10/24/2017
Guest Speaker

Chris Jenson speaks about verde river

Wednesday 10/25/2017
Verde River Article


Verde Video: 10 min. 

Verde Article 

Thursday 10/26/2017
Guest Speaker

ASU: sustainability 

Friday 10/27/2017
Santa Cruz River

Finish USGS video

Santa Cruz article

collect water usage HW

Monday 10/30/2017
guest speaker

flim maker Hue comes in for a showing of his documentary: Viva la Verde

Tuesday 10/31/2017
Riparian Habitat and ecosystem services

review verde article and Viva La Verde presentaiton

brainstorm riparian habitat

read what riparian habitats provide article

Wednesday 11/1/2017

reflection from field trip. Alternative assignment for those that didn't attend field trip.

Review biomes. Take notes of temp and precip for each biome. 

Wednesday 11/1/2017
ecological role of verde

functions of the verde article

Beaver role video

Ecologic importance of river article and whiteboard

foundation species PPT/notes

Thursday 11/2/2017

REview climographs for AZ. Take notes on elevation and latitude. 

Thursday 11/2/2017
Foundation Species

Thousand Invisible cords video and notes

Friday 11/3/2017
Foundation Species

finish thousand invible cords video

San Pedro article (solutions)

Monday 11/6/2017
Water paper

brainstorm order of paper. organize all evidence by using the provided works cited.

write 1st paragraph and thesis statement 

Tuesday 11/7/2017
water paper

write paper

Wednesday 11/8/2017
Water paper
Thursday 11/9/2017
Water paper

water paper due and all missing work. 

Friday 11/10/2017
No School
Monday 11/13/2017

notes/video/activity explaining how earth is unevenly heated 

Tuesday 11/14/2017

design lab that explores how different substrates heat and cool 

Wednesday 11/15/2017

quick write

notes: biomes

map/climate map

analyze climate map

Thursday 11/16/2017

analyze climographs of different biomes

create a climograph of AZ 

Friday 11/17/2017
identify location of biomes

PPT with coloring in of map. 

Tuesday 11/21/2017
Guest Speaker

Tina will discuss birding and tracking birding via ebird website 

Wednesday 11/22/2017
No School
Thursday 11/23/2017
No School
Friday 11/24/2017
No School
Monday 11/27/2017
Guest Speaker

Anna from Friends of the Verde Greenway will come in to discuss tomorrow's field trip and monitoring techniques. 

Tuesday 11/28/2017

all day field trip to Dead Horse to monitor invasive species with Friends of the Verde Greenway

Wednesday 11/29/2017

notes on climate for each biome

Thursday 11/30/2017
climographs AZ

analzyxe AZ climographs

notes on elevation and latitude 

Friday 12/1/2017
life zones

notes on elevation and latitude.

Summary about uneventing heating

Life Zones reading and WS---see me. 

Monday 12/4/2017
composition of biomes

Notes: variation

How biomes are not uniform. 

Notes: disturbance 

Tuesday 12/5/2017
compare grasslands

add to distrubance notes. Compare tropical and temperate grasslands.

Review WS. Test tomorrow. 

Wednesday 12/6/2017
biomes test


test fish water 

Thursday 12/7/2017
Az natural resources

anticipatory guide

Research AZ resources 

Friday 12/8/2017
Climate/geology of AZ

climate of AZ notes

Over AZ video: write discription of lanscape 

Monday 12/11/2017
AZ ecosystem

read and highlight ecosystem reading. fill out guided notes. 

Tuesday 12/12/2017
AZ ecosystem

finish reading guided notes from yesterday. 

Wednesday 12/13/2017
Review ecosystem

answer AZ ecosystem questions.

Card game with ecosystem questions. 

Thursday 12/14/2017
mapping ecosystems

using precip and temp map out ecosystems

Friday 12/15/2017
map ecosystems

finish mapping ecosystems 

Monday 12/18/2017

review packet 

Tuesday 12/19/2017
species distribution

notes on speices distribution

plant id

Wednesday 12/20/2017
plant id and review

finish plant ID. 

Finish reivew WS. 

Thursday 12/21/2017
Final exam periods 1,3,5
Friday 12/22/2017
Final exam periods 2,4,6
Monday 1/8/2018
intro to behavior

game: who are you talking to

Watch video and note communication type and reason

Class discussion

Tuesday 1/9/2018
Learned vs Innate

Notes: behavior

Compare and contrast learned vs innate 

Wednesday 1/10/2018

Topic: questions

define and practice writing proximate and ultimate questions. 

Thursday 1/11/2018
Tinvergens questions

Rewrite Tinbergens' 4 questions.

Topic: Fixed Action Reponse 

Fixed Action response, write proximate and ultimate questions for innate behavior 

Friday 1/12/2018

Impriting article

Test fish water


Tuesday 1/16/2018
Cricket LAB


Wednesday 1/17/2018
Cricket LAB


Thursday 1/18/2018
genetic vs enviro

Close read article and answer questions. 

Friday 1/19/2018
Intro to plants

behavior quiz 1 

Intor to plant behavior