Living Systems
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Plant Organs
Plant Tissues
Vascular LAB
Meristematic cell
No school: MLK day
Thursday 8/3/2017
Welcome! First Day of school.


HW: sign syllabus 

Friday 8/4/2017
Procedures and Lab Rules


Assginment: Goals on hand 

Monday 8/7/2017


Tuesday 8/8/2017
Scientific Method

Intro to Cornell Notes 10 minutes

Brainstorm scientific methos 5 minutes

Write-out steps 5 minutes

Observation vs Inference 10 minutes

Whiteboard activity 5 mins

Prediction 5 minutes

Write difference between observation, inference and prediction 5 minutes


Wednesday 8/9/2017

Highlight main idea notes

Write hypothesis

Prediction vs hypothesis


Thursday 8/10/2017

Highlight main ideas notes

Egg Lab

Friday 8/11/2017
Lab write up

Write up Egg Lab

Scientific Method Quiz

Monday 8/14/2017

Intro video: 10 minutes

Read about microscope

Color in parts

Answer questions

Go to lab for basic viewing


Tuesday 8/15/2017
wet mount slide

Wet mount slide instructions


Worksheet 3

Wednesday 8/16/2017

How is life classified?

Class concept map: Human Body

Whiteboard Concept map: Life

Notes: Characteristics of life.

Whiteboard: why do we classify

Classification Activity

Thursday 8/17/2017
Classification overtime

How has the classification of life changed over time?

Read the history of taxonomy

Whiteboard: Hierarchy

Lab activity: Exploring kingdoms cards

Friday 8/18/2017
Four major criteria

What is the current day classification system?

Research 4 criteria

LAB: write description about each organism.

Monday 8/21/2017

heirarchy notes, classify different organisms activity

Tuesday 8/22/2017
6 kingdoms

research criteria for classifing into 6 kingdoms. Look at samples at lab and fill out table into notes. 

Wednesday 8/23/2017
Binomial nomenclature

Bionomial notes, practice sheet, classifying video

HW: classificition WS packet due Thurs. 

Thursday 8/24/2017
Evolutionary classification

read pages 451-455.

Sec review pg 455 AND mini lab pg 453---turn in. 

Friday 8/25/2017
Geologic timescale

Scientific method QUIZ 

Create geologic timescale at lab table



Monday 8/28/2017
Geologic Timescale

Progress Reports: All missing work is due friday. After Friday work from 8/8-8/25 is past due.

Review notes from Thursday.

Discuss geologic timescale.

Start geologic timescale activity.

Tuesday 8/29/2017
Geologic timescale

1. Finish geologic timescale/hang up.

2. Watch geologic timescale video/put in notes.

3. Geologic timescale reflection.


Wednesday 8/30/2017

1. Read pag 456-457. Take notes in notebook. 

Thursday 8/31/2017
variation in species

Review Domains reading/notes

Variation: Where does it come from?

Answer three questions while watching video

Read chapter from "Medusa and the Snail"---what does he find as them important detail about variation? 

Friday 9/1/2017
Review classification

Summary: Domains

Page 465-466 #11-25,26,30,32

pg 467 #1-8 

Monday 9/4/2017
No School
Tuesday 9/5/2017
Intro to bacteria

Notes: Intro to Bacteria

1. List all places you find bacteria. Add notes to list

2. Observe pictures of bacteria. Write similarities and idfferences.

3. Read page 471. Write where we find bacteri, how big they are, what ytpe of cell are they.

4. T chart comparing prokayrotic and eukaryotic cells (watch video for notes)


***Prokayrotic Cell Worksheet: Answer questions and color/label Cell. 



Wednesday 9/6/2017

Notes: Peptidoglycan

compare bacteria and archeabacteria 

Read article about peptidoglycan and write summary in notes. Ask for reading. 

Thursday 9/7/2017
Bacteria Shape LAB

Notes: Classifying Bacteria

Take notes on shapes and arrangments.

Lab: observe 6 different bacteria. Sketch and ID shape and arrangments. 

Friday 9/8/2017
Bacterial World

Watch "Bacterial World: Microbes that Rule Our World" It is on Amazon Prime.  Turn in 20 notes. See me if you miss this day. 

Monday 9/11/2017
Bacteria LAB_cell wall

Get a sample in school and record predictions. See me for lab. 

Add to notes from 9/7 Identifying Prokaryotes 

3. Cell Wall (read article and write history about Mr. Gram and how gram stain works).  See me for article. 

Tuesday 9/12/2017
Movement and Nutrients

Add to notes from 9/7

3. Cell Wall---video, add to notes. 

4. Movement---video and book reading, add to notes pg 473

5. Nutrients----PPT, reading, glue in diagram---pg 473-474 

6. Releasing energy---reading pg 474 add to notes. 

Wednesday 9/13/2017
Cell Reproduction

Check on our Bacteria and gather data! 


Notes: Growth and Reproduction

EQ: how do bacteria reproduce?

Notes, reading, videos, and WS---see me for WS 

Thursday 9/14/2017
Nitrogen Cycle

Penecillian reading

Trout drawing_testing water. 

Friday 9/15/2017
Bacteria LAB

Observe bacteria. Make wet slides and sketch. 

Monday 9/18/2017
Evolution of bacteria

Finish Lab reports from Friday

Progress Reports

Revisit asexual reproduction---add to notes from 9/14

NOTES: Origin of life.  EQ: how did Bacteria change overtime? 

Notes, video, and LUCA reading

Tuesday 9/19/2017
Importance of bacteria

NOTES: Importance of bacteria

Read pg 476-477

Notes on Nitrogen Cycle

Nitrogen cycle WS---turn in WS 

Wednesday 9/20/2017
Test for nitrogen compounds

Observe trout eggs

Test Water

***if there is time, review 19.1 #1-6 (turn in)

Thursday 9/21/2017
What is a virus

NOTES: Virus

Read pg 478-479, 482-483

Construct model of a virus. 

Porgress reports and missing work due friday. FINAL DUE DATE tomorrow. 

Friday 9/22/2017
Is a virus living?

Whiteboard activity.

Read article highlighing evidence for and against. See me for Reading packets.

Progress reports due and all missing work. 

Monday 9/25/2017
virus alive or not?

discuss characteristics of life

Read article and highlight evidence for/against virsues being alive, annote, and answer questions. Turn in. 

Tuesday 9/26/2017
Germ Cell Theory

Notes about germ cell, and Pasteur. 

Read about Penicillin and answer questions. Turn in WS. 

Wednesday 9/27/2017

Notes: diseaese bacteria cause

Article: scientific method in vaccine history WS---turn in. 

Thursday 9/28/2017
Friday 9/29/2017

test on classifiication, bacteria, and viruses 

Monday 10/2/2017
Tuesday 10/3/2017
Intro to protists

video 20 min.

Read pgs 497-8, take notes, fill out WS. Ask for WS 

Wednesday 10/4/2017
Protist Lab

observe protist and write up report

Thursday 10/5/2017
Lab/protist reading

finish lab and turn in

start on Protist worksheet packet. See me for packet. 

Friday 10/6/2017

notebook check

finish protist packet. If not finished will be turned in on Monday after spring break. 

Monday 10/9/2017
fall break
Friday 10/13/2017
fall break
Monday 10/16/2017

review over into to protists...notes taken when sub was here/last page of notes

Notes: Zooflagellates 

Read pg 499 and note take

Tuesday 10/17/2017
scarcodines and ciliates

read pgs 500-502 and take notes. 


Wednesday 10/18/2017

review notes

Read pgs 502-503 and take notes



Thursday 10/19/2017
Unicellular Algae

Read 506-509 and take notes

Whiteboard: Sec review pg 509

Friday 10/20/2017
Protist LAB

REview WS---see me

LAB: observe protists and identify

Monday 10/23/2017
plant like protists

read pages 506-509. Take notes on all 4 phyla of unicellular algae 

Tuesday 10/24/2017
Algae LAB

Review WS 20.1 and 20.2 WS

LAB: sketch and research 

Wednesday 10/25/2017
Multicellular algae

Read chapter 20.4 make chart with major algae

Section review in notes. 

Thursday 10/26/2017
Guest Speaker

guest speaker ASU

Friday 10/27/2017
Fungi like protists

Read pgs 516-520 take notes. 

Monday 10/30/2017

concept map WS

Flashcards for all phylums 

Tuesday 10/31/2017

review WS and notecards

Wednesday 11/1/2017
Protista TEST


Thursday 11/2/2017
Intro to fungi


Observe mushrooms at the lab

Notes: structure of a fungus 

Friday 11/3/2017
Fungi Video

video notes 

Monday 11/6/2017
Structure and reproduction

Notes: finish strucutre.

Read mushrooms and toadstools. Watch mini-videos

Reading and notes: Asexual reproduction 

Tuesday 11/7/2017
Fungi Reproduction

Reading/notes/highlight sexual reproduction 

Wednesday 11/8/2017
fungi lab

LAB---come in for makeup  

Thursday 11/9/2017
3 types of phylum

computer research on the following types of fungi:

1. common molds

2. sac fungi

3. club fungi

Friday 11/10/2017
No school
Monday 11/13/2017
Fungi Reproduction

complete Fungi color WS packet---turn in 

complete 14.3 fungi WS packet---turn in

Tuesday 11/14/2017
fungi and ecosystem

Yeast mini-lab

Summarize reproduction in notes

NOTES topic: Ecology

Read about relationships of fungi/notes

Mycorrizal video/notes

Wednesday 11/15/2017
fungi Uses

Close read fungi uses---see me for the article

Write summary into notes (topic: ecology)

Thursday 11/16/2017

Read about lichen

Read about discovery about lichen

Answer questions 

Friday 11/17/2017
cryptobiotic crust

read about cryptobiotic crust


Mini-lab: look at crust under the microscop and look at bread mold undermicroscope

Compare/contrast lichen and cryptobiotic crust. Turn in summary. 

Monday 11/20/2017
Fungi Review

pg 545

1-25 (skip #8, 16,19,21)


Tuesday 11/21/2017
fungi review

test on monday

Wednesday 11/22/2017
No School
Thursday 11/23/2017
No School
Friday 11/24/2017
No School
Monday 11/27/2017
Fungi TEST
Tuesday 11/28/2017
Botany of Desire

video with guided notes. 

Wednesday 11/29/2017
Intro to plants

whiteboard brainstorm

Classification notes Topic: intro to plants

Inquirey activity

Read pg 551 and summarize in notes. 

Thursday 11/30/2017
Plant survival

whiteboard brainstorm

Read 552 and list needs. Add to notes. Topic: Plant suvival

Summary: compare and contrast kingdoms

Set of LAB. Descide on variable that will be tested. 

Friday 12/1/2017
LAB/First plants

Set up lab

Cladogram activity: draw into notesbook

Read pg 553-555. Take notes. Share with partner. 

Monday 12/4/2017
first plants

take notes page 553-554, copy cladogram


Tuesday 12/5/2017

summary on first plants

notes: bryophytes pg556-559

Wednesday 12/6/2017
moss vs fern LAB


Thursday 12/7/2017
Catch Up

Students either went to assembly or caught up on work or extra credit. 

Friday 12/8/2017
Fern Life Cycle

color code moss life cycle: haploid or diploid

Highlight and Write summary for bryophytes

Fill out Fern life (on back of moss life cycle WS). Color code fern life cycle. 

Friday 12/8/2017

finish fern life cycle WS 

Takes notes on ferns and their relatives pg 561-562

Compare and contrast fern and moss life cycle. 

Monday 12/11/2017
Fern Life Cycle

Finish Fern Life cycle WS---turn in

Notes pg 561-2. take notes of types of vascular seedless plants

Whiteboard: compare and contrast moss and fern life cycles 

Tuesday 12/12/2017
adaptations of seeds

Summary of Life cycle of Fern in notes

Notes. Topic: Seed plants.   EQ: What are the reproductive adaptations of seed plants?

Notes are about gymnosperm vs angiosperm. Adaptations of seeds. Read pg 565-567 and take notes. 

Collect outside and sketch. 

Wednesday 12/13/2017

observe and sketch pollen 

notes on success of seeds producing plants

Thursday 12/14/2017
monocot vs dicot

Notes: classify angiosperms

go to field and dig up two plants

In lab sketch differences between monocot and dicots. 

Friday 12/15/2017
classify angiosperm

woody vs herbaceous

Mini-lab: transect counting plant types

Monday 12/18/2017
plant lab

collect last measurments and write up lab report 

Tuesday 12/19/2017
plant review

page 525 #1-25

Wednesday 12/20/2017

review packet 

Thursday 12/21/2017
Final exam periods 1,3,5
Friday 12/22/2017
Final exam periods 2,4,6
Monday 1/8/2018
Plant Organs

Topic: plant parts


Tuesday 1/9/2018
Plant Tissues

Topic: plant tissues

Notes/reading about stomata. 

Wednesday 1/10/2018
Vascular LAB

Lab---see me to make up lab. 

Thursday 1/11/2018
Meristematic cell

Notes: Meristematic

Draw apical meristim. 

LAB: Microscope: look at root growth. Sketch. 

Friday 1/12/2018

Notes: stem

Read and highlight structure of a stem. 

Label branch/sketch into notebook. 

Monday 1/15/2018
No school: MLK day