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Monday 10/23/2017
groundwater pumping

verde river map

USGS video about pumping

Water for Wildlife article Reading and WS---due tomorrow

Tuesday 10/24/2017
Guest Speaker

Chris Jenson speaks about verde river

Wednesday 10/25/2017
Verde River Article


Verde Video: 10 min. 

Verde Article 

Thursday 10/26/2017
Guest Speaker

ASU: sustainability 

Friday 10/27/2017
Santa Cruz River

Finish USGS video

Santa Cruz article

collect water usage HW

Monday 10/30/2017
guest speaker

flim maker Hue comes in for a showing of his documentary: Viva la Verde

Tuesday 10/31/2017
Riparian Habitat and ecosystem services

review verde article and Viva La Verde presentaiton

brainstorm riparian habitat

read what riparian habitats provide article

Wednesday 11/1/2017

reflection from field trip. Alternative assignment for those that didn't attend field trip.

Review biomes. Take notes of temp and precip for each biome. 

Wednesday 11/1/2017
ecological role of verde

functions of the verde article

Beaver role video

Ecologic importance of river article and whiteboard

foundation species PPT/notes

Thursday 11/2/2017

REview climographs for AZ. Take notes on elevation and latitude. 

Thursday 11/2/2017
Foundation Species

Thousand Invisible cords video and notes

Friday 11/3/2017
Foundation Species

finish thousand invible cords video

San Pedro article (solutions)

Monday 11/6/2017
Water paper

brainstorm order of paper. organize all evidence by using the provided works cited.

write 1st paragraph and thesis statement 

Tuesday 11/7/2017
water paper

write paper

Wednesday 11/8/2017
Water paper
Thursday 11/9/2017
Water paper

water paper due and all missing work. 

Friday 11/10/2017
No School
Monday 11/13/2017

notes/video/activity explaining how earth is unevenly heated 

Tuesday 11/14/2017

design lab that explores how different substrates heat and cool 

Wednesday 11/15/2017

quick write

notes: biomes

map/climate map

analyze climate map

Thursday 11/16/2017

analyze climographs of different biomes

create a climograph of AZ 

Friday 11/17/2017
identify location of biomes

PPT with coloring in of map. 

Tuesday 11/21/2017
Guest Speaker

Tina will discuss birding and tracking birding via ebird website 

Wednesday 11/22/2017
No School
Thursday 11/23/2017
No School
Friday 11/24/2017
No School
Monday 11/27/2017
Guest Speaker

Anna from Friends of the Verde Greenway will come in to discuss tomorrow's field trip and monitoring techniques. 

Tuesday 11/28/2017

all day field trip to Dead Horse to monitor invasive species with Friends of the Verde Greenway

Wednesday 11/29/2017

notes on climate for each biome

Thursday 11/30/2017
climographs AZ

analzyxe AZ climographs

notes on elevation and latitude 

Friday 12/1/2017
life zones

notes on elevation and latitude.

Summary about uneventing heating

Life Zones reading and WS---see me. 

Monday 12/4/2017
composition of biomes

Notes: variation

How biomes are not uniform. 

Notes: disturbance 

Tuesday 12/5/2017
compare grasslands

add to distrubance notes. Compare tropical and temperate grasslands.

Review WS. Test tomorrow. 

Wednesday 12/6/2017
biomes test


test fish water 

Thursday 12/7/2017
Az natural resources

anticipatory guide

Research AZ resources 

Friday 12/8/2017
Climate/geology of AZ

climate of AZ notes

Over AZ video: write discription of lanscape 

Monday 12/11/2017
AZ ecosystem

read and highlight ecosystem reading. fill out guided notes. 

Tuesday 12/12/2017
AZ ecosystem

finish reading guided notes from yesterday. 

Wednesday 12/13/2017
Review ecosystem

answer AZ ecosystem questions.

Card game with ecosystem questions. 

Thursday 12/14/2017
mapping ecosystems

using precip and temp map out ecosystems

Friday 12/15/2017
map ecosystems

finish mapping ecosystems 

Monday 12/18/2017

review packet 

Tuesday 12/19/2017
species distribution

notes on speices distribution

plant id

Wednesday 12/20/2017
plant id and review

finish plant ID. 

Finish reivew WS. 

Thursday 12/21/2017
Final exam periods 1,3,5
Friday 12/22/2017
Final exam periods 2,4,6
Monday 1/8/2018
intro to behavior

game: who are you talking to

Watch video and note communication type and reason

Class discussion

Tuesday 1/9/2018
Learned vs Innate

Notes: behavior

Compare and contrast learned vs innate 

Wednesday 1/10/2018

Topic: questions

define and practice writing proximate and ultimate questions. 

Thursday 1/11/2018
Tinvergens questions

Rewrite Tinbergens' 4 questions.

Topic: Fixed Action Reponse 

Fixed Action response, write proximate and ultimate questions for innate behavior 

Friday 1/12/2018

Impriting article

Test fish water


Monday 1/15/2018
No school: MLK day
Tuesday 1/16/2018
Cricket LAB


Wednesday 1/17/2018
Cricket LAB


Thursday 1/18/2018
genetic vs enviro

Close read article and answer questions. 

Friday 1/19/2018
Intro to plants

behavior quiz 1 

Intor to plant behavior 

Monday 1/22/2018
Behavior review/quiz

review activitities and Quiz. 

Tuesday 1/23/2018
Plant behavior

notes: plant behavior

Set up plant lab

Wednesday 1/24/2018
taxis vs kinesis

Set up plant lab

notes: directional movement 

Thursday 1/25/2018
Taxis in worms LAB

Worm LAB

Friday 1/26/2018
Taxis in brine shrimp LAB

shrimp LAB 

Finish plant lab 

Monday 1/29/2018
plant lab write up

graph and conclusion for plant lab

Tuesday 1/30/2018
Taxis earthworm lab

earthworm lab

turn in plant lab

Wednesday 1/31/2018
Taxis earthworm lab

Finish lab and turn in.

Notebook check. Progress reports passed out. Missing work due this friday. 

Thursday 2/1/2018

Summarize taxis, noting shrimp and worm lab. 

Notes. Topic: communiction

Reading: highlight definition, example, and limitations.

Write into notebook. 

fill out chart on the back of reading. 


Friday 2/2/2018
learned behavior

Notes on associative vs non-associative learning. Videos and class discussion. 

Monday 2/5/2018
Non-associative learning

Notes: operant conditioning, non-associative learning, habituation 

Look at videos, highlight and write 3 questions. 

Tuesday 2/6/2018
spatial learning

summary: asociative and non-assocative learning

Notes: spatial learning

Reading: corvid article

Wednesday 2/7/2018
agonistic behavior

intro to lab

Thursday 2/8/2018
agonistic behavior

Independent research/lab write up

Friday 2/9/2018
No school

CTE day

Friday 2/9/2018
No school

CTE day

Monday 2/12/2018
agonistic behavior

into to betta fish lab. Make observations. 

Monday 2/12/2018
Higher level learning.

Notes:  higher level learning 

Tuesday 2/13/2018
agonistic behavior

Lab write up for independent research. 

Wednesday 2/14/2018
agonistic behavior

Preform experiment. Collect data. HW: graph, write conclusion, and background info. 

Thursday 2/15/2018
mating systems

review behavior

Notes: mating systems. Factors that dictate mating systems.  Start reading "why females are so choosey" article. 

Friday 2/16/2018
Intersexual selection

Quiz 2: 15 questions/30 points.

Notes: Intersexual Selection

finish reading article, discuss questions with partner and write answers

Read benefits and indirect benefits. make t chart in notes.

Highlight and write questions. 

Monday 2/19/2018
No School
Monday 2/19/2018
No School
Tuesday 2/20/2018
Intrasexual selection

gigsaw article---read and share notes with partners

Wednesday 2/21/2018
mating and seleciton


REview WS and stalk eye reading

Thursday 2/22/2018
Foraging behavior

Notes foraging activity

Foraging videos


Friday 2/23/2018
Foraging behavior

Case Study: squirrel reading

Notes: Optimal foraging theory 

Monday 2/26/2018
prey and patch choice theory

foraging activity at lab

prey choice theory notes

patch choice theory notes


Tuesday 2/27/2018

Many students out because of ACT testing. 

Video: Amazing Octopus---most intelligent animals

Wednesday 2/28/2018
Patch choice

Finish up patch choice theory. 

Write summary about foraging behavior using 10 vocab words. Turn in for points. 

Thursday 3/1/2018
altruistic behavior

Notes: Alturistic behavior 

Review WS. Test tomorrow. 

Friday 3/2/2018
Behavior TEST


Monday 3/5/2018
limiting factors

Notes on density depedent and independent limiting factors

Activity: collect data on rabbit, enviro, and fox---start to graph. 

Tuesday 3/6/2018
limiting factors

finish mini-activity from yesterday. Turn in.

Reading and and answer questions about population dynamics. Turn in. If not complete, homework. 

Wednesday 3/7/2018
exponential growth


Start on exponential growth. 

Thursday 3/8/2018
exponential growth

Practice worksheet. Start on logistic growth notes. 

Friday 3/9/2018
Logistic growth

finish notes. Watch video. Practice worksheet. 

Monday 3/12/2018
spring break
Friday 3/16/2018
spring break
Monday 3/19/2018
Case Study: Wolves

Two videos. Concept map. Answer questions about how the enviro is effected by presence/absence of wolves. 

Tuesday 3/20/2018
Density of population

case study: kaibab deer

Population reading and questions

Wednesday 3/21/2018
sampling populations

population sampling activity 

Thursday 3/22/2018
sampling populations

Aldo Leopold reading

sampling populations aricle 

discuss ways to sample populations

Friday 3/23/2018

sampling lab---collect plant data using two sampling techniques. 

Monday 3/26/2018

Outside: run transects and collect data.

Answer questions about sampling techniques. 

Tuesday 3/27/2018
Leopold reading

read selected chapters and answer questions. See me for WS. 

Wednesday 3/28/2018

reading on fire and grazing on grasslands

intro to case study: rangeland in southern AZ 

Thursday 3/29/2018
case study: range land

Look at repeat photography and create hypothesis about range land. 

Friday 3/30/2018
No school
Monday 4/2/2018
No school
Tuesday 4/3/2018
Santa Rita Analyze Data

Write questions about your site and four sites. Turn into hypothesis. Analyze data.

Wednesday 4/4/2018
Santa Rita conclusion

Santa Rita Conclusions and Reflections 

Thursday 4/5/2018
Intro to Ponderosa Pine forest

PPT notes on history of ponderosa pine forest

Pondo WS looking at population numbers over the years 

Friday 4/6/2018
Yellowstone Fire

Yellowstone fire video 

Monday 4/9/2018

Notes on fire, wildfire and fire regime 

Tuesday 4/10/2018
fire lab

construct historic and present day forests and burn forests at different angles. 

Wednesday 4/11/2018

Read "REscue at Sterling Hatchery" 

Thursday 4/12/2018

discuss rescue at hatchery. 

Restoration notes 

Friday 4/13/2018

Restoration notes and video 

Monday 4/16/2018
AIMS---no class

class meets in auditorium. Not class due to AIMS testing periods 1 and 2. 

Tuesday 4/17/2018
History of ponderosa pine

finish discussing restoration. Write summary referencing the past and currect practices. 

Wednesday 4/18/2018
Yellowstone Fire

finish summar

Watch yellowstone fire 

Thursday 4/19/2018
counting animal populations

estimating widlife populations

REad telemetry article

Watch video examples 

Friday 4/20/2018
wolf behavior

reintroduction of wolves into AZ 

Read article about basic behavior of wolves

Setting up for telemtry activty on monday (tracking wolves)

Monday 4/23/2018
Bird tracking

Watch video about Godwit migration

Read NAt Geo article about tracking bird migration and write 8 questions.

Turn in highglighted reading and questions. 

Tuesday 4/24/2018
reintroduction of wolves

Discuss skills needed for field sci

Read article about using telemetry on wolves

Watch article about AZGF and wolf reintroduction

Learn basics of mapping 

Wednesday 4/25/2018
Telemetry with wolves

Use maps to mark territory

Answer questions

Draw polygon into habimap 

Thursday 4/26/2018
no school
Friday 4/27/2018

Read demography article

Fill out worksheet about demography

Watch video 

Monday 4/30/2018
wolf territory

finish telemetry wolf activity. Turn in discussion questions.

Map territory with polygon on 

Tuesday 5/1/2018
survivorship curve

collect survivorship WS from Friday

Notes on curve

Balloon lab 

Wednesday 5/2/2018
Bubble Lab

bubble lab graph and conclusion 

Thursday 5/3/2018
life histories

notes on r and k selected

tests dissolved oxygen 

Friday 5/4/2018
no school
Monday 5/7/2018
Lab--test water

test tank water. Get ready for field trip 

Tuesday 5/8/2018
Field Trip

field trip 

Wednesday 5/9/2018
Field Trip conclusion

Field trip conclusion 

Thursday 5/10/2018
Population review

Population review 

Friday 5/11/2018
Population review
Monday 5/14/2018
Population test
Tuesday 5/15/2018

notes: interactions between communities 

habitat vs niche 

Wednesday 5/16/2018
prairie dog

notes: prairie concept map

reading about prairie dog

food web prairie organisms---write out adaptations and interatctions 

Thursday 5/17/2018
prairie dog

prairie dog notes and video

Discuss challanges 

Friday 5/18/2018
black footed ferret

reading, video, discuss issues 

Bottleneck activity

summary about ferrets 

Monday 5/21/2018
Tuesday 5/22/2018


Wednesday 5/23/2018
final exams 2,4,6

review for 1,3,5

exam for 2,4,6

Thursday 5/24/2018
final exams 1,3,5

finals: half day 

Friday 5/25/2018
movie 2,4,6