Living Systems
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Monday 10/23/2017
plant like protists

read pages 506-509. Take notes on all 4 phyla of unicellular algae 

Tuesday 10/24/2017
Algae LAB

Review WS 20.1 and 20.2 WS

LAB: sketch and research 

Wednesday 10/25/2017
Multicellular algae

Read chapter 20.4 make chart with major algae

Section review in notes. 

Thursday 10/26/2017
Guest Speaker

guest speaker ASU

Friday 10/27/2017
Fungi like protists

Read pgs 516-520 take notes. 

Monday 10/30/2017

concept map WS

Flashcards for all phylums 

Tuesday 10/31/2017

review WS and notecards

Wednesday 11/1/2017
Protista TEST


Thursday 11/2/2017
Intro to fungi


Observe mushrooms at the lab

Notes: structure of a fungus 

Friday 11/3/2017
Fungi Video

video notes 

Monday 11/6/2017
Structure and reproduction

Notes: finish strucutre.

Read mushrooms and toadstools. Watch mini-videos

Reading and notes: Asexual reproduction 

Tuesday 11/7/2017
Fungi Reproduction

Reading/notes/highlight sexual reproduction 

Wednesday 11/8/2017
fungi lab

LAB---come in for makeup  

Thursday 11/9/2017
3 types of phylum

computer research on the following types of fungi:

1. common molds

2. sac fungi

3. club fungi

Friday 11/10/2017
No school
Monday 11/13/2017
Fungi Reproduction

complete Fungi color WS packet---turn in 

complete 14.3 fungi WS packet---turn in

Tuesday 11/14/2017
fungi and ecosystem

Yeast mini-lab

Summarize reproduction in notes

NOTES topic: Ecology

Read about relationships of fungi/notes

Mycorrizal video/notes

Wednesday 11/15/2017
fungi Uses

Close read fungi uses---see me for the article

Write summary into notes (topic: ecology)

Thursday 11/16/2017

Read about lichen

Read about discovery about lichen

Answer questions 

Friday 11/17/2017
cryptobiotic crust

read about cryptobiotic crust


Mini-lab: look at crust under the microscop and look at bread mold undermicroscope

Compare/contrast lichen and cryptobiotic crust. Turn in summary. 

Monday 11/20/2017
Fungi Review

pg 545

1-25 (skip #8, 16,19,21)


Tuesday 11/21/2017
fungi review

test on monday

Wednesday 11/22/2017
No School
Thursday 11/23/2017
No School
Friday 11/24/2017
No School
Monday 11/27/2017
Fungi TEST
Tuesday 11/28/2017
Botany of Desire

video with guided notes. 

Wednesday 11/29/2017
Intro to plants

whiteboard brainstorm

Classification notes Topic: intro to plants

Inquirey activity

Read pg 551 and summarize in notes. 

Thursday 11/30/2017
Plant survival

whiteboard brainstorm

Read 552 and list needs. Add to notes. Topic: Plant suvival

Summary: compare and contrast kingdoms

Set of LAB. Descide on variable that will be tested. 

Friday 12/1/2017
LAB/First plants

Set up lab

Cladogram activity: draw into notesbook

Read pg 553-555. Take notes. Share with partner. 

Monday 12/4/2017
first plants

take notes page 553-554, copy cladogram


Tuesday 12/5/2017

summary on first plants

notes: bryophytes pg556-559

Wednesday 12/6/2017
moss vs fern LAB


Thursday 12/7/2017
Catch Up

Students either went to assembly or caught up on work or extra credit. 

Friday 12/8/2017
Fern Life Cycle

color code moss life cycle: haploid or diploid

Highlight and Write summary for bryophytes

Fill out Fern life (on back of moss life cycle WS). Color code fern life cycle. 

Friday 12/8/2017

finish fern life cycle WS 

Takes notes on ferns and their relatives pg 561-562

Compare and contrast fern and moss life cycle. 

Monday 12/11/2017
Fern Life Cycle

Finish Fern Life cycle WS---turn in

Notes pg 561-2. take notes of types of vascular seedless plants

Whiteboard: compare and contrast moss and fern life cycles 

Tuesday 12/12/2017
adaptations of seeds

Summary of Life cycle of Fern in notes

Notes. Topic: Seed plants.   EQ: What are the reproductive adaptations of seed plants?

Notes are about gymnosperm vs angiosperm. Adaptations of seeds. Read pg 565-567 and take notes. 

Collect outside and sketch. 

Wednesday 12/13/2017

observe and sketch pollen 

notes on success of seeds producing plants

Thursday 12/14/2017
monocot vs dicot

Notes: classify angiosperms

go to field and dig up two plants

In lab sketch differences between monocot and dicots. 

Friday 12/15/2017
classify angiosperm

woody vs herbaceous

Mini-lab: transect counting plant types

Monday 12/18/2017
plant lab

collect last measurments and write up lab report 

Tuesday 12/19/2017
plant review

page 525 #1-25

Wednesday 12/20/2017

review packet 

Thursday 12/21/2017
Final exam periods 1,3,5
Friday 12/22/2017
Final exam periods 2,4,6
Monday 1/8/2018
Plant Organs

Topic: plant parts


Tuesday 1/9/2018
Plant Tissues

Topic: plant tissues

Notes/reading about stomata. 

Wednesday 1/10/2018
Vascular LAB

Lab---see me to make up lab. 

Thursday 1/11/2018
Meristematic cell

Notes: Meristematic

Draw apical meristim. 

LAB: Microscope: look at root growth. Sketch. 

Friday 1/12/2018

Notes: stem

Read and highlight structure of a stem. 

Label branch/sketch into notebook. 

Monday 1/15/2018
No school: MLK day
Tuesday 1/16/2018
Stem anatomy

Mini-root lab---check root length

Notes: stem

Stems: draw and label branch, notes on wood formation 

Wednesday 1/17/2018
Tuber Lab

Finish Stem notes

Set up tuber lab, check roots. 

Thursday 1/18/2018
Plant Review

review WS packet

Friday 1/19/2018
review plant

review plant WS packet due

finish root lab

Monday 1/22/2018
Life cycle of gymnosperms

Fill out diagram. In notes write summary of gymnosperm life cycle. 

Tuesday 1/23/2018
Life cycle of angiosperms

Fill out diagram. Read and add to diagram. Write summary of life cycle in notes. Answer questions in notes. 

Wednesday 1/24/2018
Flower LAB

flower lab 

Thursday 1/25/2018
plant review

review packet

Friday 1/26/2018
plant test


Monday 1/29/2018
Persuasive Essay

read 4 articles and highlight pros and cons for GMOS. Pick a side and write thesis statement. 

Tuesday 1/30/2018
Persuasive Essay

Notebook check

Test make up

type up persuasive essay

Wednesday 1/31/2018
Persuasive Essay

Type up  paper.

Progress reports passed out. Missing work due this friday. (notebook check was done yesterday)

Thursday 2/1/2018
Persuasive Essay

finish essay and turn in. Due tomorrow. 

Friday 2/2/2018
Test corrections

If not done with paper. 

Test corrections.

DUE: Progress report signed with all missing work from first 3 weeks. 

Monday 2/5/2018
animalia kingom

Topic: Animalia Kingdom

EQ: Explain the characteristics all animals share.

Whiteboard activity with brainstorming.

Read pg 657 take notes: characteristics, body structure, and classifications. 

Highlight, write 3 questions, and write summary. 

Tuesday 2/6/2018

Topic: Survival

EQ: What functions do animals need to preform for survival?

Read and take notes pags 658-659

Wednesday 2/7/2018

Topic: Evolution

EQ: Explain the trends in evolution

Read and take notes pgs 660-663 (have subtitles for each topic)

Thursday 2/8/2018

Topic: Cladogram (leave this page blank)

EQ: What are themajor groups of animals and the dervided characteristics that sperate them? 


Topic: Sponges

EQ: Why sponges are clssified as animals and how do they carry out basic functions? 

Read and take notes pg 664-665 (with subtitles) 

Friday 2/9/2018
No school
Monday 2/12/2018

Highlight and write questions for Evolution notes

SEc reivew pg 663 #1-6

Notes: sponges. Read pgs 664-665. 

Tuesday 2/13/2018

Summary for evolution notes

Review sponges notes. 

Sponge mini-lab (don't need to make up)

Wednesday 2/14/2018

Sponge color WS packets

Thursday 2/15/2018

Finish notes for sponges: 

Notes: Cnidarians---be sure to get notes from a partner.

Video: 15 min on Cnidarians. 

Friday 2/16/2018

Cnidarian color WS packet 

Monday 2/19/2018
No school
Tuesday 2/20/2018

Finish cnidarian color WS 

Wednesday 2/21/2018
Cnidarian groups

Notes: cnidarina groups

Videos about each group

Thursday 2/22/2018
chpt 26 review


Review pgs 679-680 #1-26, skip # 23, 25 

Friday 2/23/2018
Cnidarian and Sponge TEST


Monday 2/26/2018

Notes: Flatworm

Notes and videos

Tuesday 2/27/2018
Worms and Parasites

More than half the class is gone taking the ACT. Watch video "worms and parasites" 

Wednesday 2/28/2018
Parasitic Flatworms

Research 3 parasitic flatworms. Share info with partner and write into notes. 

Thursday 3/1/2018

Notes: Roundworms.

compare and contrst flatworms with roundworms. 

Research/read about paractitic roundworms. 

Friday 3/2/2018

Notes: Annelids

LAB: observe an earthworm at the lab

Monday 3/5/2018

finish anatomy notes

video on annelids

color anatomy 

Tuesday 3/6/2018

notes: mollusks 

Reading and coloring of mollusks 

Wednesday 3/7/2018

dissection videos

read about squid

go over lab and 10 min video looking at dissection 

Thursday 3/8/2018
squid dissection


Friday 3/9/2018
compare worms and mollusks

finish lab questions

shape of life video of mullusks

summary comparing worms and mullusks 

Monday 3/12/2018
spring break
Friday 3/16/2018
spring break
Monday 3/19/2018

take notes from page 701-704 in notebook (under each class of mollusk)

start review pg 711 #1-31

Tuesday 3/20/2018

REview over mollusk notes


reivew pg 711 #1-31

Wednesday 3/21/2018

worm and mollusks test

Thursday 3/22/2018

notes: what is an arthropod

read and notes pg 716-719

Friday 3/23/2018

go over arthropod notes

read pg 721 crustaceans 

fill out color WS

Watch dissection videos. 

Monday 3/26/2018
crayfish LAB


Tuesday 3/27/2018
Arthropod color WS

work on anatomy WS packet. 

Wednesday 3/28/2018
Arthropod color WS

finish ws

Watch video 

Thursday 3/29/2018
compare and contrast arthropods

Read and take notes from pages 722-725. 

Compare and contast arthropods.

Read and notes on insects pgs 726-730. 

Land arthropods video. 

Friday 3/30/2018
No school
Monday 4/2/2018
No school
Tuesday 4/3/2018

Notes: complete vs incomplete metamorphosis

Case STudy: silk worms

Watch videos for cricket dissection 

Wednesday 4/4/2018
Cricket LAB

Dissection lab 

Thursday 4/5/2018

Research echinoderms 

Friday 4/6/2018

Video on echinoderms 

Monday 4/9/2018

Notes and computer research on 4 different classes 

Tuesday 4/10/2018

review WS 

Wednesday 4/11/2018

Arthrodpod and Echinoderm test 

Thursday 4/12/2018

INtro to chordates 

Video on chordates 

Friday 4/13/2018
evolution of fish

evolution of fish notes

Video of evolution of fish 

Monday 4/16/2018

notes: form and function pgs 774-778,notes for each subtitle

color anatomy WS

Video on chordates 10 min. 

Tuesday 4/17/2018
Your Inner Fish

watch video and fill out WS---turn in WS 

Wednesday 4/18/2018
fish anatomy

explain what each organ does on WS

Fish Dissection videos---look over lab

Gyotaku fish print---add in external anatomy 

Thursday 4/19/2018
Fish Dissection

fish dissection 

Friday 4/20/2018

Evolution of amphibians reading and notes

Monday 4/23/2018

watch invaders of land video---fill out video guide and turn in 

Tuesday 4/24/2018
evolution of amphibians

video and notes on evolution of amphibians 

Wednesday 4/25/2018
Form and function of frog

read and take note on frog anatomy

Compare fish and amphibians 

Thursday 4/26/2018
no school
Friday 4/27/2018
Frog anatomy

Frog anatomy WS

Dissection videos 

Monday 4/30/2018
fish and amphibian

Pass out papers, progress reports, notecheck

Finish frog anatomy WS and turn in

Finish chapter review pg 793 #1-30 


Tuesday 5/1/2018
Frog dissection

frog dissection 

Wednesday 5/2/2018
test--fish and amphibian
Thursday 5/3/2018
reptile evolution

what is a reptile

evolution of reptile notes

Friday 5/4/2018
no school
Monday 5/7/2018

Notes: form and function pg 800-82

Tuesday 5/8/2018
Inner Reptile Video

video and notes 

Wednesday 5/9/2018

color worksheet packet 

Thursday 5/10/2018

bird color packet 

Friday 5/11/2018
Bird form and function

Bird notes 806-812

Monday 5/14/2018
bird form and function

form and function notes. 

Cornell Interactive anatomy website 

Tuesday 5/15/2018
mammal evolution

review form and function of birds

Go over evolution of mammals 

Wednesday 5/16/2018

form and function of mammal notes 

Thursday 5/17/2018
pig dissection
Friday 5/18/2018
pig dissection
Monday 5/21/2018
Tuesday 5/22/2018
Wednesday 5/23/2018
review/ exam

seniors AND periods 4 and 6 have final exams 

Thursday 5/24/2018
final exam period 5

exams for periods 1,3,5 

Friday 5/25/2018

Exam was taken on Wed. Movie on Friday.